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Where it all began

We love traveling, exploring, good food and wine, activities, and entertainment… and we would like to showcase the best beautiful South Africa has to offer.

Owning a guesthouse and tour operating company in South Africa, we personally experienced the devastating impact lockdown had (and still has) on businesses within the tourism and hospitality industries. These industries have huge potential and are vital to facilitate economic growth, attract foreign capital, create jobs, and create a better standard of living.

We are launching this Enchanted Journeys initiative (which was originally a personal blog about our travel experiences) to support local businesses. We are inviting businesses in the bigger tourism and hospitality industries to list on our platform. Let us help you to showcase what you have to offer. We are also inviting the public to support this initiative by supporting the local businesses listed on this platform. Let us all take hands and do our bit to help revive the South African tourism and hospitality industries.

#reviewSAtourism #reviveSAhospitality

Enchanted Journeys

The Enchanted Journeys we embark on to create a healthy, active, happy and wealthy lifestyle. It is all about living the lifestyle you dream about.

We trust our enchanted journeys can inspire others to create their dream lifestyles on their personal enchanted journeys. 

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